SheffShield awarded 'Made in Britain' mark

SheffShield has been awarded the Made in Britain mark to demonstrate its UK manufacturing credentials.

Being able to buy directly from the manufacturer is great news for customers here in the UK as there are no issues with delayed deliveries because of slow transit or increased congestion at ports. Costs, and therefore prices, can also be kept lower with no middlemen – and there’s the added bonus of dealing directly with the manufacturer if you have any questions.

Made in Britain brings together manufacturers in the UK, through the use of its registered collective mark.

The mark is protected and can only be used by members of Made in Britain that meet strict criteria set out to guarantee all members products are made in Britain.

As well as manufacturing their products in Britain, members must also meet other standards to be awarded the mark. These include adhering to health and safety laws, showing a commitment to properly rewarding workers to carry out manufacturing of products and acting fairly and ethically in all their commercial activities.

SheffShield proudly manufactures its face shield visors in England. The product was designed in Yorkshire and uses a supply chain based in Lancashire, Herefordshire, and Yorkshire to manufacture the various parts.

Director, Michael Thorogood said: “At SheffShield we are keen to support the UK economy by manufacturing the complete face shield in the UK. There are so many benefits to this including minimising the environmental impact associated with international transport."