Warm weather? No sweat!

The weather has been glorious in many parts of the UK recently - but warm weather can make wearing PPE less comfortable.

We understand that when having to wear a face shield for a long period of time comfort is important. That’s why the SheffShield has been expertly designed by engineers with comfort, as well as safety, in mind.

There’s no sweaty foam headbands on our face shield visors. The SheffShield comprises a single polypropylene headband which makes it comfortable and sweat free to wear for long periods. The adjustable latex free strap ensures it stays firmly in place and steady on the wearers head - this also offers the added advantage of being able to accommodate longer, tied back hair without it getting tangled.

The industry leading optically clear visor has been coated to reduce fogging and static and we’ve added integrated ear savers; so it can be worn with a mask without any discomfort.

The SheffShield is manufactured in the UK and made from recyclable materials. It’s easy to assemble and can be cleaned, sterilised and reused.

Click here now to buy your SheffShield from as little as £1.79.