We are a team of engineers from Sheffield firm Eadon Consulting, with expertise in design and analysis.  Over the years, we have used our knowledge and experience to solve problems and innovate.   


Taking our experience of designing regulation compliant products for the nuclear sector, we developed SheffShield to help address the national shortage of PPE. In just two weeks we went from concept to a finished, regulation compliant, fit for purpose, face shield product. We then worked to build a secure and sustainable, UK based, manufacturing supply chain to make SheffShield.  This means if we need to, we can jump in the car and go see our suppliers (all whilst maintaining our social distance!).  All this means that we can deliver up to 10,000 face shields a day. 

We are always looking to improve our work and welcome feedback and suggestions. Please get in contact if you have something to tell us. 


Why buy from us?

  • We have created SheffShield to be a sustainable business that can potentially create jobs and support the economy. 

  • We have put many hours into the design, to develop it and optimise it so that it is a well-engineered, comfortable and sturdy product that can be reused (following suitable cleaning and sanitising). We also acknowledge that for some uses the face shield will be single use and for this reason we have made it from recyclable materials. 

  • We want to build relationships with our customers. We know from our other work that satisfied customers come back.  

  • We have built a UK supply chain so that we can do our very best to make sure goods get to you when we say they will. 

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