What's SheffShield made from?

The SheffShield comprises three parts: a polypropylene headband, super clear PET full face visor coated to reduce static and glare, and a latex free retaining strap. All materials used are recyclable. 

Does it contain Latex?

No, none of the components contains latex and the retaining strap is latex free.

Does SheffShield have any foam or fabric elements?

No, SheffShield has no materials such as foam or fabric that can become itchy or sweaty. This also means it is simple to sterilise and reuse.

Can I re-use it?

Yes, if required the SheffShield can be chemically sterilised and re-used.

Why do you sell flat pack and pre-assembled options?

Following feed back from some medical users who were under extreme time pressures we offer the option of shipping the units assembled. It takes less than 30 seconds to assemble the three parts. The flat pack option is easier to store and cheaper to ship.

How do I assemble my SheffShield?

Assembly is very simple, there are only three components. See the assembly instructions here.

Where's it made?

The SheffShield is made in the United Kingdom.

Is it CE marked?

Yes. Please find more information about CE marking here.

What are the legal requirements for face shields and visors?

All PPE equipment must be CE marked if it is to be sold or used in a work environment within the UK (and Europe).

Can you make it in any other colours?

This depends upon order size. We can do many colours but there may be a cost implication depending upon batch size. Please drop us an email or message on the contact page if you have specific requests.