The SheffShield provides an effective barrier to airborne liquid splashes and droplets. It comprises a single polypropylene headband for many hours of comfortable, sweat free use. Attached to this is the sparkling clear visor coated to reduce fogging and static. To securely retain the face shield an adjustable latex free strap is provided with the ability to accommodate tied back hair.

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  • Designed for comfort over many hours of use

  • Designed to be cleaned and sterilised to enable reuse

  • Integrated ear-savers protect against discomfort from mask straps

  • Industry leading sparkling optically clear visor coated to reduce fogging and static

  • Simple to adjust headband, easy to secure and fit around tied back hair

  • Only 3 components, assembled at point of use or supplied ready assembled

  • Manufactured in the UK from recyclable materials

  • Optimised for manufacture of up to 10,000/day

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Our inhouse team of specialist plastics engineers have integrated user feedback with cutting edge design to ensure comfort and safety.

The importance of CE marking

The SheffShield face visor has been CE marked, complying with EU Directive 2016/425, the Personal Protective Equipment Regulation.  A CE mark indicates that the product conforms to a recognised set of requirements applicable to that product and in this case that it has been independently tested.  This is a very important aspect that anyone wanting to use a face shield or visor as PPE in a work place, or to issue to employees must be aware of. 

Here at SheffShield we employed BSI, one of the UK's most prominent testing organisations and notified body, to carry out the CE independent review and type testing of our visor. They carried out testing to ensure the design met the required standards for aspects such as fit and form, level of protection and clarity of viewing field. 

When you are looking to buy PPE you should always ensure that the item is CE marked. We would also recommend that for your own peace of mind, you check that the supplier or manufacturer has a valid certificate from an appropriate notified body. Our certificate can be found here

Further information about the importance of CE marking can be found on our blog.