Advantages of full face shield visors for nursery workers and childminders

The Government have announced that early years settings (including nurseries and childminders) will remain open during this third lockdown.

Some nursery workers and childminders are finding that covering the lower half of their face with a mask can reduce the ability to communicate, interpret, and mimic the expressions of the children they are working with. Masking emotions in this way can impact negatively on both the bond between teachers and learners and the ability of small children to understand and read a situation.

Nursery workers may choose to opt for a glass clear, full face visor such as the SheffShield which is designed to provide an effective barrier to airborne liquid splashes and droplets. The PET visor is coated to reduce fogging and includes a headband with integrated ear savers as well as a latex free retaining strap for added security and comfort.

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