Added protection for face-to-face lessons

Updated: Feb 25

During this period of national lockdown, the Department of Education has asked Higher Education providers to prioritise the return of face-to-face teaching only for courses which are most important to be delivered in-person.

Students and teachers on these qualifying courses, such as medicine, dentistry and veterinary science, are required to wear a mask during face-to-face lessons - but they may also choose to opt for added protection by wearing a full face shield visor as well. Unlike masks, full face shield visors also protect the eyes – which can be an entry point into the body for some viruses. They also provide a physical barrier which help stop wearers touching their face with their hands.

The SheffShield is a robust full face shield visor with integrated ear savers making it comfortable to wear for long periods with a mask. Our customers are always happy to learn that the SheffShield is environmentally friendly too. It can be sterilised and reused after each use and it's made of recyclable materials.

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