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The SheffShield provides an effective barrier to airborne liquid splashes and droplets. It comprises a single adjustable polypropylene headband which is simple to position, easy to secure and can be chemically sterilised.



Simple to position, easily adjusted and secured.



Can be cleaned and sterilised to enable reuse.



Helps prevents mask straps rubbing on ears.

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Manufactured from recyclable materials.

We want to help you do your job as well as you can whilst also ensuring you and the people you come into contact with are protected. To do this we have produced a robust and reusable face shield, designed to be worn comfortably for long periods of time. If your role requires you to also wear a face mask we have added patent pending ear savers to avoid the discomfort that straps can cause from pulling on your ears.

The materials selected are of the highest quality to ensure that you can reuse the face shield many times. This also minimises waste and helps the environment. To further improve this we have made the three easy to assemble components out of recyclable materials.

As well as the environmental and economic benefits of manufacturing the face shield in the United Kingdom there are also logistical benefits too. All of our suppliers are known to us, we have worked closely with them to design and develop the final product. The face shield has gone through rigorous testing to ensure it is safe to use and conforms to the required PPE standards. This testing has enabled us to CE mark the face shield, something that is critical if they are going to be used in a work environment or by employees.

Find out more about the design features here.